STT Security Officer Jada Brown was involved in a shots-fired situation last month. Her quick thinking and brave actions allowed police officers to apprehend the suspect with no casualties.

On February 11th, Officer Brown was working a routine shift. Early in the morning, Brown heard gunshots from a nearby Kohl’s parking lot. In an exceptional feat of composure and professionalism, Officer Brown radioed to her supervisor, relaying a description of the suspect, the weapon, and their direction of travel. Brown’s supervisor reported this information to the responding police department, ensuring they and other emergency services arrived at the right place. Clear and concise communication under duress is commendable enough, but Officer Brown’s commitment to safety goes further.

While relaying the suspect’s information to her supervisor, Officer Brown concealed herself in between parked vehicles to follow them. While fleeing, the suspect attempted to hide the weapon, but Brown was watching; she recovered the weapon, relaying this information to the responding emergency services and easing the likelihood of escalation. The suspect was taken into custody without force or incident.

Officer Jada Brown’s actions prevented injury and/or death. Her bravery granted the responding police department vital information that assisted with the arrest.

Thank you, Officer Brown, for your commitment to keeping others safe!