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Violence in the Healthcare Industry – A Well-Documented but Seemingly Unknown Epidemic

By |Blog & Advice|

It is irrefutable that the presence of a uniformed security officer deters and reduces criminal activity. In a place relating to the healthcare industry – such as a hospital or clinic – on-site security ensures the safety of vulnerable persons

Cocaine in the Courthouse – Security Officer’s Vigilance Leads to Massive Drug Bust

By |STT News|

An observant eye will quickly identify when something is out of the ordinary. A car parked outside for an extended period of time, someone grabbing their hip or fidgeting in their pocket, or someone with darting eyes who avoids meeting

Security Threats Targeting the United States’ Food Supply

By |Industry News|

Criminal activity in our modern society knows no boundaries. Anything that is mass produced could be a viable target for a terrorist or criminal attack – including our nation’s food supply. The food manufacturing and production industry has felt a

Security and Police – The Link Between Both Industries

By |Industry News|

A Mutually-Beneficial Partnership The security industry and police enforcement have worked alongside one another for decades; together, they create a mutually-beneficial partnership. Both service groups fight crime and protect people, property, and valuable assets. As time goes on, trends show