Security and Police – The Link Between Both Industries

A Mutually-Beneficial Partnership The security industry and police enforcement have worked alongside one another for decades; together, they create a mutually-beneficial partnership. Both service groups fight crime and protect people, property, and valuable assets. As time goes on, trends show that more Security Officers are utilizing their experience in the industry to obtain Police Officer [...]

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United States Bans Chinese Telecom Giant Citing National Security Concerns

What is Huawei? Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications-equipment company that is similar to Apple. They are based out of Guangdong, China, and they sell networking equipment, computers, and – most notably –smartphones. They are the #1 telecommunications supplier and the #2 smartphone maker in the world. Huawei is (was) also the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Brittany Aikens

This employee spotlight is for our Security Supervisor, Brittany Aikens out of Bay City, MI. Read her brief interview below: Where are you from? Bay City, MI. When did you begin working for STT? I began working for STT back in January of 2018. What drew you to security work? This is actually a fun [...]

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Is bigger better? Mergers and acquisitions create new opportunities for mid-sized security providers.

Small and medium-size companies have many advantages over their larger counterparts, with core issues such as trust, accountability, a sense of family and community connectedness serving as customer-valued attributes in today’s marketplace. Larger businesses are often limited by their size, with change often mired in policy and protocol. In today’s economy, both large and small [...]

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Comparing Proprietary In-house Security to Contracted Security Services

What we have works...why should I consider? LET STT FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO BEST WHILE YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST There has been a shift in the thinking of many corporations when it comes to personnel-related support functions, Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms alike. This shift is to their “core competency” [...]

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