5-Year Anniversary: Odess Howard

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Congratulations on 5 years of service, Odess! Thank you for all you do! STT Security Officer Howard recently celebrated 5-years of successful service with STT Security! We took some time to detail his experiences below: When did you start working for STT? I started back in 2018 by working event security. What have you

Employee Spotlight: Jared Gapske

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STT Lead Security Officer Jared Gapske received this month’s Employee Spotlight award! Here is what Security Director Martin Schmidt had to say about Jared: I am blessed to have, across the sites I supervise, a select group of exceptional officers that work hard to elevate the standards around them and, by example, seek to

5-Year Anniversary: Scott Baggerly

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Congratulations on 5 years of service, Scott! Thank you for all you do! Security Officer Scott Baggerly celebrated 5-years with STT Security this month. Join us in congratulating Scott on this milestone by reading a bit about him below:     When did you start working for STT? I saw an ad in the local

Employee Spotlight: John Kloos

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STT Assistant Director of Security John Kloos received this month's Employee Spotlight award! Here is what Regional Manager Joe Meneghini had to say about John: A.D. John Kloos is one of the most reliable people I have had the pleasure to work with during my 14 years with STT. He is the epitome of the

5-Year Anniversary: Caleb Alexander!

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Congratulations on 5 years of service, Caleb! Thank you for all you do! Caleb Alexander has been with STT Security for 5 years today; read about his time with STT below! When did you start working for STT? I started just over five years ago by doing event security at CMU sporting events. I think

STT Security: Adapting to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate. STT Security has made drastic changes to our standard operating procedures across the nation. Each site we protect has implemented new policies to ensure the safety of employees and guests. The questions and answers below highlight the changes we have made in order to prevent the spread of

STT Security Officers Assist Union City Police Department with Recovery of Stolen Property

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Union City, CA - The Union City Police Department notified STT Security of a transient individual who is known to cause regular disturbances to the area. Security Officer Punzalan and the STT Security team were able to assist UCPD in the arrest of the suspect. The man in question was recently seen kicking over flower

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Outbreak and Global Impact

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak As the coronavirus continues to spread, fears of a global pandemic have become prominent. Countries across the world have begun to see a wave of effects stemming from the virus. In the United States, Harvard, Ohio State, Southern California, and other universities will not allow students to return to campus after

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