Union City, CA – The Union City Police Department notified STT Security of a transient individual who is known to cause regular disturbances to the area. Security Officer Punzalan and the STT Security team were able to assist UCPD in the arrest of the suspect.

The man in question was recently seen kicking over flower pots in front of local businesses. Shortly after this incident, UCPD reported a burglary at a nearby residence; among the property stolen was a bicycle. The next day, UCPD spotted the same individual on a bike matching the description of the one that was reported stolen. Once spotted, the man immediately fled the police and was not apprehended. The Union City Police Department alerted STT Security to be on the lookout for this individual.

Shortly after STT Security was told to keep a lookout for him, he was spotted, riding the bike that matched the description of the one that was stolen days prior. STT Security alerted UCPD to his location, and it ultimately led to his arrest for possession of stolen property. The bicycle was confirmed to be linked to the burglary by using its serial number, and it was then returned to its original owner.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Security Officers involved in this incident. Active vigilance and awareness of their surroundings led to the arrest of a thief and the return of stolen property to its rightful owner.

The official report (with appropriate redactions) is included below.

On Sunday 06/28/2020 at approximately 2051 hours, STT Security Officer Punzalan received a call from [REDACTED] store manager [REDACTED], about a person of interest that UCPD was on the look out for riding around the parking lot with stolen property (bicycle). [Security] proceeded to head in the direction of the man of interest and verified that the person in question was in fact [Suspect] prior to contacting UCPD at 2055 hours. Immediately after relaying the information, [Security] proceeded to make contact with the employees at [REDACTED] to follow up on the status of [the suspect] who had now entered their establishment. Shortly after, UCPD arrived and took custody of [the suspect]. Officer Stang of UCPD proceeded to get a statement regarding the stolen property in [the suspect’s]possession before leaving the property. 

Police and Security Officers share many responsibilities, and they often rely on one another in their scope of duty. Security Officers often utilize their experience to excel in the Police Academy, and Police Officers will sometimes moonlight as Security Officers. To learn more about the link between security and police, read our comprehensive write-up here.