STT Assistant Director of Security John Kloos received this month’s Employee Spotlight award! Here is what Regional Manager Joe Meneghini had to say about John:

A.D. John Kloos is one of the most reliable people I have had the pleasure to work with during my 14 years with STT. He is the epitome of the “first in and the last out” work ethic. Even without being asked, he is quick to head to a job site and work out issues, sometimes before I am even made aware. There have been several occurrences when John took it upon himself to head in to work in the middle of the night to address an issue. John is a prime example of the often followed motto “as long as it not illegal, immoral, or unethical” he will do it. I am able to attest both as a direct supervisor and client that John is an exemplary employee. I wish I could have 10 Johns working with us. John and his hard work and dedication to STT absolutely deserves to be recognized. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with John working with STT.

– Regional Manager – Joe Meneghini


Please join us in recognizing his hard work by reading a little about him below:

Tell me about yourself:

I’m married and I have three kids; they’re 2, 3, and 5. I love to spend time with them, work on cars and really anything I can work with my hands to fix, and I like working on computers too.


When did you begin working for STT?

I started working for STT in August of 2016. I was originally hired in as a part-time officer, but after two or three months, I was moved into a full-time spot. About a year or so after that, I was promoted again to sergeant. Each promotion came with a new list of responsibilities, but I kept handling things and just stuck with it. Probably another two years later, I was promoted to the assistant for our regional director of security. Now, I’m helping with all maintenance calls around the property, managing the fleet vehicles, and helping with some managerial things like hiring, interviewing, scheduling, and payroll.


What drew you to security work?

I was referred to STT by a friend. At the time, I was looking for something new that I could dive into. When I heard about security work, I thought, “sure, why not.” I ended up enjoying the work and have been doing it ever since.


What do you like about working for STT?

The people! The site I’m currently working at is a great bunch of people to work with. Everyone gets along well, and the structure is stable from management down. Everything is fluid and runs smoothly. I’ve hired someone who used to work security at [a dealership] – he said they were rarely paid on-time or in the correct amount, the schedule was a disaster, the manager was unorganized in general… Everything is professional and put together at STT.

I also really like that we have a sort of “open door policy” where it’s expected you’ll ask for help if you need it. Any time there’s a problem, I have no problem getting ahold of my boss or even corporate if necessary to get something taken care of.



What does an average day of work look like?

We have a fire monitoring system, so I always start by checking that to ensure it’s all clear. I spend some time monitoring the 44 cameras we have on site. I also do vehicle patrols around the 80-acre property. I’m responsible for foot patrols inside the building as well, and it’s a pretty big place, so there’s a lot of ground to cover. There are a few businesses on the property, so I communicate with the managers from all around and assist them with their issues too.