Northpass: Learning Management System

STT has partnered with Northpass (formerly SchoolKeep) to implement training resources for our staff across the country. Northpass is accessible from nearly any device that can connect to the Internet (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), meaning there are no 4-hour, in-person lectures or mandatory training days that take away from their work. Our employees take the training at their own pace and only have to complete it by a predetermined deadline. They are able to save their progress and pickup where they left off if they be unable to complete a training course all at once. Northpass also sends friendly reminders to the learner’s email when a deadline is approaching to ensure that the training is completed on time. This platform also allows us to distribute training materials to our employees instantly. Taking on new clients, changing procedures, or adding additional training is seamless and requires no intervention to the employee’s work. The user-friendly interface makes it so our staff is able to receive documents, presentations, video learning, and other forms of training media in a streamlined and effective way. Northpass grants us the ability to give our employees the skills they need to successfully perform their duties without the traditional dread of on-the-job training.

Performance Monitoring

A key benefit of using Northpass’ system for our training materials is that administrators can view analytic data for each course, module, question, or learner. For example, if one quiz question takes our officers 3x as long to answer than other questions, our team can quickly see where the issue resides; if a learning activity yields consistently low scores, we can see where changes must be made in order to address the problem. This means that our training is constantly evolving to be more effective and guarantee our staff are the most qualified professionals in the field.

Each training course is accompanied by comprehension quizzes and/or examinations. These tests are not written by an agency or external business; they have been created by us at STT to ensure that the most relevant, applicable, and significant information is emphasized. This helps our employees develop a profound understanding of the most important rules, policies, or procedures in their workplace.

Unique Attention

While some of our training courses are universal, each client location is unique and therefore may have training that is specific to it. With Northpass, we are able to add these materials, setup deadlines, and manage learner performance. If the training documents, videos, or other media exist, the client simply shares them with STT, we incorporate that proprietary information into our system, and our security professionals can begin taking the course almost immediately.

All training courses can be configured uniquely; linear, free-form, and chronological learning paths can be setup so the information is relayed in a meaningful order. This serves to further increase employee comprehension of their role and responsibilities, and it enables us to develop irrefutably powerful training courses. If there are documents such as a map or to-do checklist that must be distributed, the employees can simply login to Northpass to access these as well – eliminating the need for traditional handouts or employee binders.

Each site’s supervisor is granted manager permissions over the applicable training courses; this ensures that there is segmented attention to each employee’s learning progress and experience. Because of this, our staff are some of the most skilled professionals in the security industry.

For Security Officers:

In order to take part in the STT training courses, you’ll have to be added into the system (whitelisted) by an administrator or supervisor. Once your email has been whitelisted in the system, you will receive an invitation from Northpass to join the STT school. Since this is likely your first time logging in, the invitation will take you to a page where you will see your email address already populated in the email field; you will need to provide a first and last name, as well as create your password.

Once you have created an account, you will see all of the courses that are assigned to you. These may change over time, so be sure to communicate with your supervisor if you are unsure of the training completion expectations.

If you have not received an invitation from Northpass, please contact your supervisor and/or email As soon as we add your email address to our school database, you will be able to follow the instructions above.

For Supervisors:

Our security supervisors have more responsibility in the Northpass system. Not only will you be required to take the training assigned to the officers at your site, but you will also be responsible for enrolling, deleting, and managing the learners on the website.

Manager roles can only be assigned by an administrator. To configure your account with the manager role, please email,,, and/or

It is imperative that you complete the training courses as soon as possible. If an officer has questions, concerns, needs guidance on using the Northpass system, or requests help with the training itself, your prior experience will be able to assist them. You will also be able to resend invitation emails to your staff, add or delete courses in their training workload, and monitor their performance.

If you need assistance for any reason, please contact the STT home office.