Employee Programs and Incentives

Employee Spotlight

Our staff is the core of our business. Recognizing the dedication to their roles is one way that we like to show off our employees and honor the work they do for us.

Once a month, we select an employee who has received praise from a client, guest, or our management team. We conduct a brief interview with the employee and write a blog post detailing their background, employment history with us, and some other fun questions. The employee spotlights allow us to learn more about our personnel and lets us brag about them on our social media profiles!

Employee Referral Program

We appreciate when one of our employees recommends a friend or family member join our team. It reflects well on the employee’s attitude towards their job, and it helps us employ dedicated staff that are eager to work for us.

Employees who refer someone that we hire will receive monetary rewards when the referred employee completes their first, third, and sixth month of employment. We will let the current employee know that their referral was hired when their recommendation is brought onboard!

Life-Saving Award

During the line of duty, our employees sometimes turn ordinary days into extraordinary opportunities to help others, like saving the life of another person. The Life-Saving award recognizes these actions and honors the Officer for their heroic acts.

Eagle Eye Award

When an employee demonstrates exceptional work ethic, exceeds expectations, or otherwise goes above and beyond in the line of duty, they are recognized with the Eagle Eye award!

Anniversary Awards

Employee retention is something extremely important to our business. When our staff completes a year of work, we want to ensure they understand our appreciation. Employees are recognized each year on their anniversary with a personal card from the Home Office Team.

At every 5 year increment employees receive a 5, 10, 15, 20 + uniform pin and a swag item.

At 10 years, employees are given an option to choose between a gold STT ring or pendant with a centered diamond. If a ring chosen, every 5 years a diamond is added to the ring.

Or, should the employee choose at 10 years a commemorative or custom items may be chosen with values up to $1,000. Examples of custom chosen items: Kimber handgun, Mathews Bow, Sig 226 Handgun.

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