STT Lead Security Officer Jared Gapske received this month’s Employee Spotlight award! Here is what Security Director Martin Schmidt had to say about Jared:

I am blessed to have, across the sites I supervise, a select group of exceptional officers that work hard to elevate the standards around them and, by example, seek to radiate professionalism and customer service to our clients and to the public in general. Jared Gapske, multiple-site Sergeant, can also be said to be the lead officer of this group, as well. Jared is highly reliable, meticulous, and willing to walk the extra mile to ensure the success of the sites under his leadership. He buttresses his devotion to professional standards with compassion and insight, and he is always available to assist the officers around him without hesitation – day or night. He has exhibited, by this actions, that the well-being of his officers that he leads is paramount, and customer service is his ultimate goal. STT is wealthier by his presence as a lead officer.

Due to Jared’s hard work, leadership, and myriad other fine attributes, he richly deserves special recognition. I am indeed fortunate to have him as a sergeant for the [area] sites. Jared’s performance has brought distinction upon himself, the [area] sites in which he leads, and STT as a whole.
-M. Schmidt, Security Operations
Please join us in recognizing Officer Gapske’s hard work by reading our brief interview with him below:

Tell me about yourself:

I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. I love swimming, hiking, walks in the woods with my dog – a Jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua mix (the perfect companion). I also go camping, try to go out of town every now and then, and enjoy spending free time up at our cabin. It’s in the middle of nowhere; you can only hear nature, no traffic, nothing like that. It’s the perfect place.

When did you begin working for STT?

It was back in September of 2014. I was already working at [a site] when STT was offered the contract. I was given an option to stay in my role at the time and work for the new management (STT), so I took that offer and retained my job. Now, I’m the lead supervisor for three sites in Michigan, and I cover vacation/call-offs for our people all around. As far as events go, I’ve been to a few here and there that have popped up; an Alzheimer’s walk, a New Year’s Eve party, chamber of commerce parties, etc. Anywhere I’m needed, I don’t have a problem going!

What drew you to security work?

This is my 20th year doing security now… When I was 16, I worked for a couple who ran a shuttle service for the boats at [a dock/marina]. They also ran the security company for the site at that time, and they told me as soon as I turned 18 to come back and talk to them for a job in security. I did just that and have been in the field ever since!

What do you like about working for STT?

I really appreciate the way the company is run. It’s well managed and everybody I’ve talked to in the home office is kind and resolves my issues right away. That’s a lot more than I can say for the last company I worked for – things would get let go of, forgotten, and never taken care of regularly. That has not been the case working for STT.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like feeling like I make a difference at the company I work for. There is a measurable impact on the client that can be really rewarding. You help them with all their day-to-day requests, keep the business safe, provide a threat deterrent, get to know the people that work there, etc. Especially with [an old site I worked at], I got to know all the new hires well and enjoyed their company.

What does an average day of work look like?

At [the location I currently work], we do traffic logging, answer phone calls, direct people where they need to go internally and externally, sign in/out and direct truck drivers, assist with deliveries, help management with unique requests, and some other responsibilities. At night, we secure the premises, input tickets for trucks bringing in raw materials – even a little bit of cleaning, but thankfully there isn’t too much traffic, so not too much to do!