Congratulations on 5 years of service, Tyler!

Thank you for all you do!

STT Security’s Manager Tyler Farr reached recently reached his 5-year milestone! Read our interview with him detailing his experiences below:


When did you start working for STT?

I started back in September of 2018. I was scrolling through open jobs on Indeed and saw a job for a security officer position. It was close enough in duties to my current (at the time) park ranger job. I was able to get hired on part-time, and I eventually moved into a site-supervisor role.


What have you done while working for us? How many sites/positions have you been in?

I have only been in two roles in my five years: I was hired in to patrol at an apartment complex, and then I was moved into a site-supervisor position. Now, I oversee the majority of (area) sites.


What has been your favorite part about working for STT?

My favorite part has definitely been the bosses. Our leadership team has been very supportive from day one. Despite any issues over the years, they have always set time aside to check in on me and find ways to make my job easier. It’s a very supportive environment and that’s a huge reason why I’ve stuck around for so long. Having the leadership team looking out for me makes sure that I’m able to look out for them.


What is your favorite story/experience from working with us?

One of my favorite experiences has been working with all the people I’ve met over the years. I had an employee who treated the position like we were police officers and was trying to pull people over. At the time, it was a stressful situation, but we tell the story fondly now to use it as a training exercise.


What advice would you give to a new employee?

I would say to take your job day by day. Enjoy the little things about what you do and put your best foot forward. You will get out of the job what you put into it. If you’re always putting your best foot forward, you will have a lot to take away from the job!