Podcast: How Drug Use Impacts the Bottom Line – Michigan Safety Conference

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Join Sheila Ide, of the Michigan Safety Conference, as she interviews consultant and drug recognition expert, Mike Covarrubias, on the impacts drug abuse has in the workplace. Watch the video below to learn how he helps businesses lessen losses through education and training. You can catch up with Mike as a

Training the Mind – Firearms, De-escalation, & Use of Force Training – STT Security

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“The most important thing that a person has is not their firearm, it’s their mind. If they can think through problems, work through problems, then they become problem solvers. That’s what we need, people that are thinking about what is happening, who are able to solve problems without using force, and who can

Specialization in the Security Industry – How Security Firms Benefit All Business Types

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Shootings, acts of terrorism, and general social uncertainty have made the age we live in a much scarier place. Having qualified personnel on a business’s premises ensures a level of protection in the event that a threat is present. Hiring a security service provides immediate value to a business in a few ways. Employees, customers,

Is bigger better? Mergers and acquisitions create new opportunities for mid-sized security providers.

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Small and medium-size companies have many advantages over their larger counterparts, with core issues such as trust, accountability, a sense of family and community connectedness serving as customer-valued attributes in today’s marketplace. Larger businesses are often limited by their size, with change often mired in policy and protocol. In today’s economy, both large and small

Comparing Proprietary In-house Security to Contracted Security Services

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What we have works...why should I consider? LET STT FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO BEST WHILE YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST There has been a shift in the thinking of many corporations when it comes to personnel-related support functions, Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms alike. This shift is to their “core competency”

Hiring Trained Security Guards to Operate Your Metal Detectors

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Hiring Trained Security Guards for Your Metal Detectors What’s better, a Security Guard or a metal detector? No this is not Jeopardy, Price is Right, or any other game show. This is real life. When it comes to security and safety, we generally assume that people want the best there is and don’t want to

Security Patrol Service Vs. Dedicated On-Site Security Services – Albuquerque Apartment Security

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Many apartment communities struggle with safety and security related issues. Especially in metro areas such as Albuquerque, New Mexico where STT Security Services has been established for over 15 years. "Security Service" is a very broad term and there is a big difference between the types of security services traditionally used in residential or community

Stalking on Campus: A Silent Epidemic

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By Robin Hattersley Gray The first steps to combating this crime include taking it seriously, having an appropriate policy, and training campus personnel and public safety officers on how to effectively respond. Twenty-four people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States, and a significant portion of these

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