Hiring Trained Security Guards for Your Metal Detectors

What’s better, a Security Guard or a metal detector?

No this is not Jeopardy, Price is Right, or any other game show. This is real life. When it comes to security and safety, we generally assume that people want the best there is and don’t want to take second chances. Right?

Is that you? Do you want to design a security system/program to a level where you are absolutely certain you’ve got the best proactive measures in place? We can help you do that.

We are STT Security Services and we are joined here with Protective Technologies International (PTI). The combined expertise of our security experts amounts to over 60 years of professionalism in the uniform security business and throughout the evolving technological spectrum. When it comes to multilevel / multilevel security programs, there is no better partnership than STT and PTI.

What makes STT and PTI the best?

We’ll lets start off with PTI. PTI manufactures the most sensitive and best walk through metal detectors on the market. A trusted name in the precious metals industry to prevent theft, but that is not the only area who knows this name well. Coins, mines, refineries, and many other types of facilities have come to trust the expertise of PTI to protect their business interests going in and out of the building.

You don’t build a worldwide reputation as the best by playing second fiddle. That’s why PTI always puts their product and customers at the top of the list of priorities. Super sensitive technology and machines are the PTI business, but customer care and personal service are the art behind who they are. Customer comparisons, longevity, and testimonials will attest to the great experiences had with PTI.

Now when you take the best metal walk through detectors in the world and combine them with 40 years of security and business loss prevention expertise in the human form, what do you get? You get a comprehensive security program!

STT was built from the ground up on the premise of expert quality. In fact, it was established because of an identified need to supply real protective services focused on the specific needs and goals of the customer.

Well, STT like PTI doesn’t take anything for granted. Safety, Quality, and Service are necessary perfections. We believe in protecting your assets and protecting our own as well. We do that by bringing you the best.

The best quality metal detectors and the best quality staff. We treat them just like the precious assets they are as well. Our staff will attest to our business acumen because they embrace it as part of who we are and what we stand for.

Why STT and PTI?

Why hire trained security guards for your metal detectors?

Well….it’s to enhance your protection. Yes. But, there’s so much more to it. Here we’ll explain.

Over the last 30 plus years that each of these companies has been in the security business, times have changed. Criminals have evolved in many ways.

  • Businesses lose multiple thousands of dollars each year due to theft
  • Criminals bring weapons into your business
  • Crime has become more costly in death and dollars
  • Business violence has become more common place
  • And much more

Where there was a time that a lock and key were enough…that time is no more. The combination of trained security guards and sensitive metal detectors can protect you, your assets, and your customers beyond anything else available.

PTI Metal Detectors  

The sensitivity of our metal detectors will detect metal objects that could be harmful to you and others. Knives, guns, and other objects that can be used as weapons of violence can be found easily.

Other objects are also picked up on even though they may not all be dangerous in any way, it will give your personnel the opportunity to scrutinize and be sure. Sometimes seemingly harmless items can be used as a tool to harm others. Our metal detectors can find these items for you and trained personnel can determine the risk.

STT Trained Security Guards

The trained security experts of STT are specialists in dealing with sensitive issues such as weapons detected during a walk through scan. These guards are fully capable of dealing with any type of situations that arises. From a voluntary confiscation to a non-voluntary determent if necessary, STT has you covered.

Trained guards can also kindly and professionally assist those who alert the technology for viable reasons. They are trained to help customers understand the need and help get them back on their way. Happy customers once again.

So now you can see how hiring trained STT security guards combined with PTI metal detectors gives you the best of both worlds. The PTI scanners will find what might be missed and the STT Security Professionals will address what’s found.

Safety with PTI and STT is taking it to the next level where you want to be.