Hiring Trained Security Guards to Operate Your Metal Detectors

Hiring Trained Security Guards for Your Metal Detectors What’s better, a Security Guard or a metal detector? No this is not Jeopardy, Price is Right, or any other game show. This is real life. When it comes to security and safety, we generally assume that people want the best there is and don’t want to [...]

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Security Patrol Service Vs. Dedicated On-Site Security Services – Albuquerque Apartment Security

Many apartment communities struggle with safety and security related issues. Especially in metro areas such as Albuquerque, New Mexico where STT Security Services has been established for over 15 years. "Security Service" is a very broad term and there is a big difference between the types of security services traditionally used in residential or community [...]

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Security Cameras Not Just Useful for Security Purposes

When most people think of CCTV systems they think of security cameras being used for general security, safety, loss prevention and crime observation uses. Most people have never considered the non-traditional uses of security cameras and how they can benefit from them. A simple cost-effective security camera system can be a great resource for a [...]

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STT Security Services and Saginaw Valley American Society of Industrial Security Chapter Exposes Over 150 College Students to Security Industry Careers

Chairman of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of The American Society of Industrial Security and CEO of STT Security Services, David Rusch, along with other and Local Saginaw Valley ASIS Chapter representatives, were very pleased at the overwhelming turnout students at Tuesday night’s ASIS  Security Career Awareness Program. The program was held at Delta College located [...]

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STT Honors “Significant Service Above & Beyond the Call of Duty” with STT President’s Award

STT is very  proud to have presented the President's Award to Officer M. Armstrong earlier this week in Nashville, TN. STT's President's Award is presented to  Team Members who exhibit "Significant Service Above and Beyond the Normal Call of Duty". Earlier this year, Mario helped apprehend and disarm a shoplifter attempting to steal $10's of thousands of [...]

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping during the holiday season can present unique Safety and Security concerns. Taking a few prevention measures can help keep your holiday season joyous. The holiday season is a time when busy people can become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. The following tips from the Los Angeles Police Department Crime Prevention Section [...]

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STT Honors Employees

Since inception in 1973, STT has honored employees with several types of service awards including; the SparkPlug Award, President's Award, and the STT Service/ Anniversary Award. STT Service/ Anniversary Award Program: After 10 years of service to the organization employees receive the commemorative signature ring (above) or pendant. For each 5 years of continued service [...]

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Workplace Violence, Threats, or Employee Terminations Issues?

Almost every business will experience some type of Workplace Violence, Threat, or ugly Employee Termination from time to time. Your business should have policies and procedures in place for dealing with such- including conducting Threat Assessments. If a threat has been made in your workplace, or an employee is being discharged who is likely to [...]

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