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Cyber-Security – Cyber Crimes and Data Breach Statistics

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Check out the info-graphic above. It includes statistics regarding cyber crimes and facts about data breaches, password security, and what type of information is compromised in a breach. What fact surprised you the most? The statistics mentioned in this graphic

United States Bans Chinese Telecom Giant Citing National Security Concerns

By |STT News|

What is Huawei? Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications-equipment company that is similar to Apple. They are based out of Guangdong, China, and they sell networking equipment, computers, and – most notably –smartphones. They are the #1 telecommunications supplier and the

Are Your Passwords Secure? A Guide to Protecting Your Personal Information

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Nearly every online platform requires you to create an account when you first visit. Having your own account makes using the site more convenient; tailored content, personalized user interfaces, and additional functions are a few reasons to sign up for

Specialization in the Security Industry – How Security Firms Benefit All Business Types

By |Services|

Shootings, acts of terrorism, and general social uncertainty have made the age we live in a much scarier place. Having qualified personnel on a business’s premises ensures a level of protection in the event that a threat is present. Hiring

Is bigger better? Mergers and acquisitions create new opportunities for mid-sized security providers.

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Small and medium-size companies have many advantages over their larger counterparts, with core issues such as trust, accountability, a sense of family and community connectedness serving as customer-valued attributes in today’s marketplace. Larger businesses are often limited by their size,