Congratulations on 5 years of service, Jason!

Thank you for all you do!

STT Security Safety Director Jason Maxson recently celebrated 5 years of service! Join us in congratulating him on this milestone by reading our interview with him below:


When did you start working for STT?

I started five years ago, working as an acting safety director at [a mall in Michigan]. [The mall] was an old client of STT’s that had recently been reacquired, so I was brought back as the director once the contract was finalized!


What have you done while working for us? How many sites/positions have you been in?

Right now, I do primarily safety-work. This relates to [an internal network] and some contract paperwork. I crunch numbers, send them in, write safety programs – a variety of things that are more “back end” to the security operation. When I first started at [the mall], I was working four days a week there and spending one day a week prepping work for other contracts. I wrote some SOPs and safety protocols so STT could get in and start working right away with new clients and provide more hours of coverage. I also used to do some investigations at [site], but I got more into the security side of STT after that.


What has been your favorite part about working for STT?

I really enjoyed working at [the mall]. We had a great crew, the job was public–facing, I was able to help people – customers and store managers – providing positive information, stopping the flow of negative information, and all around making it an enjoyable place to work. We had great camaraderie, and I liked the people I worked with.


What is your favorite story/experience from working with us?

The people I’ve met are for sure the best part. I was lucky enough to be at the mall at the renewal of the contract, so I had a say in building the new team for STT. I felt like I really made it my own and it was incredibly rewarding to do so. After I left, two of the people I had hired went on to become STT supervisors, so I left the site knowing there was longevity in the people I invested in; the payoff felt great.


What advice would you give to a new employee?

You have to learn your job – not just the tasks. Learn your wealth of knowledge and actually understand it. You need to know the requirements of the site if you want to be successful; you can’t just show up and be good at the job. It’s something that takes effort and you’ll need to earn your way to being good at it. Take the training, take it seriously – that is what will set you apart and give you longevity with the company. Post orders and training aren’t written just to waste your time – there’s good information in there!