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Our training services offer insight towards drug recognition, threat assessment, and situational awareness. We also help identify where your security vulnerabilities are to determine what type of security solution best suits your business.

Threat Recognition, Crisis Planning, and Situational Awareness

The modern workplace presents many potential threats. Whether it is a disgruntled employee or a guest that is under the influence, in the event of a workplace-crisis, your staff must understand how to properly defend themselves and secure the assets of your organization. Mr. Covarrubias provides meaningful knowledge regarding best practices for safety in your workplace.

The first part of addressing a safety issue is recognizing that one exists; the second, and more important part, is understanding how to properly handle it. There are specific steps that should be taken when going into a situation poses potential danger. Our training teaches the critical thinking processes that assist your staff in properly choosing a course of action to take in a dangerous atmosphere. It serves to establish a methodology for getting one step ahead of an imminent threat in the workplace. It also teaches certain signals or signs that someone is planning to become violent or use a concealed weapon. Some threats, such as an active shooter situation, are handled differently than a guest who is showing violent tendencies; learning what the most viable options are provides solutions in the event of workplace crises. Mr. Covarrubias’ expertise comes from hundreds of high-risk encounters throughout the duration of his police career.

While it is not possible to teach something such as karate in a couple of hours, we teach your employees more practical and realistic self-defense tactics. The primary focus is not to eliminate a threat, but rather to disable it long enough to get away and call for help. Our training also covers how to identify and address erratic, unpredictable, and violent behavior using psychological manipulation that is proven to de-escalate hostile situations. The ability to manage a crisis situation is complex, and managing it in an efficient and effective way can resolve the problem before something of significance takes place.

When addressing a threat, maintaining situational awareness is a necessity. Even if one threat is dissolved, others may be present and can become imminent if your employees are unaware of what is happening around them. Each and every day, Security and Police Officers fail to recognize these threats. How do you define a threat? Our threat recognition services teach your employees how to recognize key indicators when something is potentially about to happen or currently unfolding.