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Risk Management Through Drug Recognition

Even the most seasoned Police Officers have difficulty recognizing and describing individuals under the influence of drugs. Do your supervisors have the ability and confidence to identify and enforce your policy to protect your employees and business from financial risk? This advanced workshop for Executives and Supervisors will train your supervisors on how to identify employees under the influence of drugs. This training will show video examples of drug behavior, telltale signs of use and the terminology associated to describe the behavior for a complete investigation. Additionally, we’ll review drug testing methods and the limitations of many commonly used tests.


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We offer training for your employees on-site at your business, virtually hosted, or via one of our open to the public workshops.

4 Hour Workshop

  • Video demonstrations of the physical tell tale signs of drug use
  • How drug effect motor skills and performance
  • Terminology and how to effectively document behavior
  • Effects of recreational marijuana in the workplace
  • The Seven Drug Categories
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Michael Covarrubias

Our Drug Recognition training program is led by expert, Michael Covarrubias. Covarrubias is a recognized national speaker on drug recognition and has personally evaluated hundreds of persons under the influence of drugs.

  • Drug abuse in the workplace costs employers roughly $81 billion annually
  • 70% of employers have been directly impacted by prescription drug misuse
  • 40% of workplace accident deaths are alcohol and other drugs related
  • 70% of drug abusers are employed

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