Professional Private Investigation Services

STT’s Private Investigative Services Division offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help protect your business or organization from both internal and external threats. We specialize in working not only with private business, but also with attorneys, law firms, and insurance companies throughout Michigan and the United States. Our investigators come from a diverse background of professional experiences in the public and private sectors. The division is led by Owner
Jason vonReichbauer, a former police officer and detective.


Workers Compensation Investigation (Disabled or Dishonest)

  • Surveillance
  • Site Investigation
  • Witness Interviews


We work closely with law firms on criminal and civil cases.

  • Process Serving
  • Witness Location
  • Statements
  • Child Custody Matters
  • Infidelity
  • Surveillance


  • Discreet Protective Services
  • Privacy and Safety Planning
  • Site and Venue Advances
  • Armed and Unarmed Personnel


Consulting and support services for business owners, managers and stakeholder to minimize the risks when threats are posed. If you are challenged or concerned about a situation concerning an employee discharge or workplace violence concern contact us early on so we can help guide you through the process with our expert advice.

  • Employee Pre-discharge Planning
  • Threat Assessment
  • Workplace Protection
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Protective Personnel Service


We offer a range of support services, from a simple criminal history check to in-depth background investigation.

  • Employee Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Interviews
  • Detailed Pre-employment Investigation
  • Embezzlement Investigation
  • Theft Interviews
  • Loss Prevention
  • Managerial Training

Employee Vetting and Background Screening / Investigations

Before you let anyone into your organization be sure you haven’t missed critical indicators of posing security concern. STT provides a variety of background screening services for employers including but not limited to: investigative interviewing, criminal background checks, residency information, driving records, employment verification, and education verification.

Investigative Interviews for Employers 

Is your organization struggling with turn over? Whether you hire 5 or 500 employees a year, STT’s “Hire The Best” program has been proven it’s value time and time again for our customers.

People are creatures of habit. Poor previous employment more likely than not leads to poor future employment. Honest people build profitable companies; dishonest people can tear them down.

The most important decision that you as an employer can make is the selection of new employees. Therefore the more you learn about the applicant during the selection process, the more reliable your hiring decision will be. It is well documented that 40% of all applications contain at least one major fabrication. What the employer fails to find out often has a tremendous future impact on the organization.

Our private investigators are trained to recognize when an applicant is withholding relevant information on the application and in the interview. Drawing out the real truth is a real challenge for even the most experienced professional. Through effective design and questioning techniques, our investigators will help you identify deceptive applicants, reduce turnover, and be more profitable.

Areas of inquiry include: Employment History – Education – Turnover -Qualifications – Attendance-Disciplinary Actions -Falsification of Application – Criminal Behavior – Use of Illegal Drugs – Theft from Past Employers

Undercover Operatives and Surveillance Operations 

A great deal of information can be gathered through a trained private investigator who is working in the environment where a suspected offense is occurring. Examples might include: drug use, theft, embezzlement. For a free consultation to discuss your suspected issues contact us today.