Providing Professional Security Guard Services throughout the USA for 50+ Years!

Providing Professional Security Guard Services throughout the USA for over 48 Years!

Custom Security Personnel Solutions for Every Industry

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Are you considering hiring a contracted security resource for the first time for your business? Perhaps considering a switch from an in-house program to a reputable contractor? Or maybe simply seeking a better value for your existing contracted security investment? You’ve found a great match with STT. Learn how STT personnel can benefit your business.

Portable Security Guard Shack Rental – Security Gatehouse Rental – Michigan Construction Project Security

Does your Michigan construction project have a Security Gatehouse or Guard Shack rental need? Look no further, STT Security Services has portable security gate house solutions for rent throughout Michigan! Whether you have 400 contractors a day coming and going to track, or just need shelter for the overnight guard looking over critical materials, our solutions make portable gatehouses easy and affordable. Our custom-built security shack rentals can be delivered anywhere and include electric heat and cooling standard. These security gatehouse rentals are perfect for construction project security where a point of access needs to be controlled and security staff need a temporary security shelter. Or, a simple temporary shelter for the overnight security guard to cool off or get warm between rounds on your next big project. Our gatehouse rentals can also be paired with surveillance camera systems to record activity and offer evidence of access, accidents, and even live monitoring when a security guard isn’t available.

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Need Security Guard Services for your project? STT Security can be a single provider for both a temporary guard shack and security guards. We have decades of experience in construction project security and have been part of securing over one billion dollars of construction investments since 2010. Our project security experience includes:

  • Windfarm Security
  • Corporate Office Building Security
  • Major Construction Project Security
  • Plant Outage Security
  • Maintenance Shutdown Security

Construction Security Guards Services offer:

  • Control of access to project at a point of entry
  • Tracking and records contractors and visitors in and out with STT’s cloud-based Mobile Reporting Technologies
  • Supporting project Safety protocols (PPE compliance, safety training, etc.)
  • Coordinate deliveries and visitors
  • Maintain muster lists and personnel rosters
  • Conducting patrols and rounds ensuring critical project assets are secure

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Facility Screening Officers

  • STT’s Screening Personnel use equipment and systems  including: walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors and x-ray equipment.
  • Personnel are specially trained on the unique equipment and needs sensitive situations they may encounter while working at a critical access screening post
  • Our on-site screening Teams help keep our clients environments safe by deploying best practices used by the TSA and other screening experts.
  • The healthcare industry faces some of the highest rates of violence of any business type. Statistics show an alarming amount of both verbal and physical assault towards workers, as well as sexual harassment towards – primarily – female staff. Employing a security service within a hospital or clinic decreases the chances that harm comes to your staff, and it increases the likelihood that your patients and guests are kept safe from any threats. Read about violence in the healthcare industry here.
  • Our healthcare Security positions provide added value to both the client and the patients of the facility. Handling protected healthcare information, securing parking lots or building entry points, and accelerating meaningful patient engagement with healthcare information are only a few of the ways that our teams benefit the industry. It also provides added value by reducing the amount of menial work the facility’s staff must do, such as directing visitors, filing paperwork away, or filling out reports. Our staff guards vulnerable locations in the building, such as emergency entrances where embattled patients typically enter. We assist in directing guests through the building and monitoring surveillance cameras, protecting busy areas, or securing other high-risk locations in the facility.
  • Considering deploying a security service in your healthcare facility? We have over 30 years of experience in this division. Our professionals are trained on de-escalation protocols, threat assessment, and how to effectively communicate with individuals under significant stress. We are also able to administer additional training materials to our Security Guards to ensure client expectations are fulfilled.
  • Ensuring the safety of students and faculty is critical in providing an effective learning environment. In 2016 alone, nearly 25,000 criminal incidents were reported on college campuses throughout the United States. This statistic showcases an increase in on-campus violence from the previous year by approximately 3%; between 2001 and 2016, the increase is a staggering 32%.
  • But college campuses are not the only concern. In the 2015-2016 school year alone, a distressing 79% of US schools reported that at least one or more incidents or violence, theft, or other crimes had taken place within their building. These crimes amounted to approximately 1.4 million unique incidents.
  • Our Security Officers have monitored and patrolled educational locations for nearly 40 years. From small high schools to entire college campuses, STT’s security personnel have protected students, staff, and guests from a variety of internal and external threats. We monitor entry and exit points to prevent unwanted access to the site, offer miscellaneous assistance to people within the facility, and are the frontline of protection during a criminal occurrence.
  • Providing security to your educational facility or campus is necessary for the well-being of your personnel and business itself. While we cannot say with certainty that a violent act will occur, there is a statistically high risk of at least one incident happening to every location. A security guard or a team of personnel offers a feeling of safety and trust within your educational facility. It also projects a positive image to your surrounding community, illuminating the fact that your business takes the safety of its people seriously.
  • Industrial facilities are subject to strict regulations, potentially dangerous working conditions, and constantly changing rules and procedures. Our team understands this, and we work with you to create a tailored security program to ensure the safety of your personnel and assets. Our outstanding safety record coupled with decades of experience means your industrial facility is kept safe and secure.
  • Whether it is signing-in and providing RFID badges to visitors, monitoring incoming/outgoing shipments from vendors, or performing safety inspections of equipment like fire extinguishers or lighting, STT’s security programs cover all of your bases. We work directly with you to deliver a comprehensive service that fulfills your business’s specific needs and end goals. Our training programs allow us to integrate new material that is unique to your company if necessary; this means that no matter what your security goals are, we are able to implement procedures that precisely benefit you.
  • Deploying our security services within your facility means your business is protected from safety hazards and other dangers in the factory or plant. It reinforces your business’s objectives by supporting the duties that encourage a safe work environment. A partnership with us ensures your company’s liability is reduced and your assets and personnel are covered by the industry’s best.
  • If you have ever been in a mall, you’ve probably seen security patrolling around. Between stores and their merchandise, employees of retail outlets and of the mall itself, shoppers, and any other various guests – the need for a security presence is necessary for the protection of both people and property. Some shopping centers even have a full-time Police Officer that is stationed within the facility. Regardless of the specific mall or shopping center, all should maintain an active and visibly-present security enforcement team. Employing one tells guests they are safe and tells criminals that your business is not the place for their unwanted activity.
  • Crime rates within this area are concerning. A report that surveyed 56 different shopping facilities throughout the country details the following crimes over a one-year period; there was an average of:
    • 51 shoplifting cases
    • 27 parking lot thefts
    • 24 unspecified crimes
    • 5 customer robberies
    • 2 store robberies
    • 5 sexual assault offenses
    • 3 assaults

These numbers are an average of each shopping center within the survey. Without a security service employed in the mall, these numbers could be exponentially higher. But crime is not the only concern within your shopping center, and we recognize that. That’s why our Security Officers are trained and have experience with locating lost children, controlling large groups of people, and providing aid during medical emergencies. Security personnel are not only there to guard doors and watch cameras; we provide genuine value to your business and help to relieve excess responsibilities from your staff.

  • Our company is incomparable to others when it comes to solving the unique problems of your shopping center. We provide a specialized solution that suits your needs, and our officers are trained to provide value in more ways than one. We are able to provide personnel who are CPR certified, have dispatch experience, possess excellent customer service skills, or any other qualifications that may be necessary.
  • No matter the business, it is still subject to criminal or other unwarranted actions. Some businesses, such as convenience stores or retail outlets, are more likely to encounter criminal activity. However, any occasion where there are large crowds – or very few/no people present – are susceptible to damages or theft. Even regular, 9am-5pm office buildings, are targets for those who seek to take advantage of your unsecured properties. Employing a Security Officer to watch gates or entry points, monitor surveillance cameras overnight, or to patrol the perimeter of the facility decreases the likelihood of damages to your business or its people.
  • There are many businesses that don’t fall into any of our other industry categories. Luckily, we offer security solutions for any facility that needs it. With 46 years of experience providing expert security services to industries of many types, you can rest assured that your business and all of its assets will be protected by some of the industry’s best.
  • Our security personnel are able to assist your business by:
    • Securing entry/exit points to the grounds or buildings
    • Patrolling parking lots, utility fields, or surrounding areas of your property
    • Conducting fire extinguisher checks
    • Completing lighting surveys
    • Directing guests and visitors through your facility
    • Controlling traffic flow
    • Recording overnight vehicles or trailers
    • Providing detailed reports with client-requested metrics
    • Supplying additional security personnel or equipment when necessary
    • Fulfilling any additional requests from the client
  • Many industries, such as energy or petrochemical, are more prone to fire hazards than other locations. We offer a diverse range of solutions to assist these types of organizations and protect them from the dangers associated with their industry. Our staff is trained and qualified to provide expert service that develops or improves fire prevention procedures, and they are able to quickly conduct evacuation protocols in the event of imminent danger.
  • If your organization is in search of qualified fire-safety personnel, our business is ready to provide a solution. Our officers offer quality assistance in the area of fire safety to you, your guests and staff, and your physical assets. Fire safety is a broad subject that involves many angles of consideration; our personnel are trained to:
    • Provide evacuation assistance to everyone on the property
    • Maintain or develop safety protocols for offices, plants, schools, or in other areas such as traffic control and direction
    • Handle crisis situations while prioritizing the safety of your staff, patrons, and visitors – and valuable property or assets of the organization
    • Offer other non-emergency assistance
  • Every state has different requirements for their Firefighter certifications. No matter where, we employ state-certified Fire 1 and 2 personnel. To receive these qualifications, there is a required average of 285 hours of instructional content; this typically amounts to months of educational courses and examinations. To learn more about the specific training they receive, visit here and view the detailed course description.
  • Our fire safety personnel are quick to address any existing hazards, create new safety procedures, and conduct routine checks of fire safety equipment. Employing a security team to monitor these areas of concern ensures your business is protected from one of the most devastating and destructive threats that can cause injury, damages, and even loss of life.
  • A medical emergency is almost never expected and can be devastating to experience – either as the person in need or as a bystander. Whether your business’s industry is dangerous or not, having a trained medical professional on-site can provide peace of mind to those who work within or visit the facility. More importantly, it can save the lives of anyone within your organization.
  • Our security personnel who are EMR and/or EMT certified are trained to quickly and appropriately respond to medical emergencies. Their duties include:
    • Measuring vital signs such as pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, or height
    • Recording information and keeping medical documentation on staff and other employees of the facility
    • Coordinate communication between their duties and relevant hospital/clinic authorities
    • Managing medical inventories, supplies, or materials
    • Completing other paperwork relevant to the client’s requirements
    • Providing a safe environment where open communication about health and medical safety is common discourse
  • A partnership with our medically-certified security personnel guarantees your organization a safer and more sound place of business. Whether it’s round-the-clock medical support or temporary implementation for an event, we work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs.
  • Vetting the people who are granted access to a facility is crucial in maintaining a safe environment. It greatly influences the amount of liability and threats to your business operations. Gated or fenced facilities almost always employ gate attendants in order to screen the people who come and go from the site. If unwanted personnel makes it to your business’s physical assets, such as buildings, vehicles, or other equipment, a slew of illicit actions could take place – leaving you and your business at fault.
  • Our gate attendants are trained to identify irregular and unusual circumstances. With a keen eye, they can pick out potential risks to your organization. Preventing theft, violence, and infractions of your business’s rules ensures your facility’s security is kept up to expectations. Our officers operate weigh-scales for truck deliveries or shipments, utilize x-rays and metal detectors, and issue access passes to those allowed on the grounds. We work with you to create an ideal gate-monitoring system that outlines your priorities so that we can reinforce them.
  • In one instance, our gate attendants used software to monitor the in and out times of sub-contractors on a construction site. When cross-referencing the reported times and the actual times, our Security Officers uncovered a large discrepancy between the two. After reporting these inaccuracies to the general contractor, they were able to recover a substantial amount of incorrectly-distributed funds from dishonest workers on the site.
  • Employing gate attendants also provides value in the event that a muster report is needed. A muster report is essentially a “roll call” of all personnel on a site or within a facility. They can identify all personnel and sort alphabetically, by contract, card number, or a specific area on the grounds. If there is a chemical leak, a high-risk person, or another emergency situation, a muster report identifies:
    • Who is on site?
    • Where are they within the facility?
    • When did they arrive (or leave)?
    • Why were they there?

Not only is this good housekeeping to ensure the protection of those within your business, but it also assists in preventing liability to your organization. Rather than a contractor claiming they suffered losses from a circumstance on your property, you can validate whether or not their statements reflect the truth.

  • With over 40 years of experience, our Security Officers are trained to the highest standards to ensure your business is kept safe and secure. A customized security solution through STT means your assets and personnel are protected and any additional data you wish to receive is recorded.
  • Quickly and efficiently communicating with the necessary personnel is what makes a dispatcher’s job so important. They determine the nature of calls they receive, the location, and the appropriate actions to take during and after the call. They must be trained to recognize signs of distress, danger, urgency, and more. A qualified dispatcher will handle these issues in both an effective and efficient manner. Not only for emergency services, dispatchers’ skills are easily transferable to many work environments. Their speedy communication and ability to juggle many tasks at once allows them to assist in nearly any industry.
  • Our dispatchers are verified using a nationally-accredited testing system that simulates real emergency calls. It assesses their ability to handle several calls in succession, dispatch multiple emergency services at once, and a variety of other high-stress tasks at once. Dispatcher training is typically gained from roughly 40 hours of classroom instruction. Our testing ensures their training is still up to par and reinforces their ability to properly execute their dispatch duties.
  • Our teams dispatch work crews, service vehicles, emergency personnel, and necessary equipment at your request. They arrange for maintenance work and restorative services on assets, receive and/or prepare work orders, and oversee all communications within their assigned realm of duties. There is a wide range of other tasks that a dispatcher can be assigned to as well; this is highly dependent on your business’s unique needs.
  • Deploying a dispatcher within your organization reduces the amount of clerical or administrative work that must be completed by your other staff. It allows your focus to shift from the back-end of business matters to the front; instead of determining which equipment is due for maintenance, scheduling the repairs, and dealing with the invoice, allow one of our dispatchers to handle the workload.
  • Sometimes, an Officer is needed to assist staff and guests when they first arrive, have questions, or need direction through a facility. Employing a Security Officer at the entrance of your building also provides a sense of safety since they are the first person seen upon entering. Issuing access badges or cards, preserving order, and recording any significant events are also typical duties of these officers. They are there to provide value to your guests, staff, and clients, and often times will oversee a large amount of clerical work.
  • A reception Security Officer also serves to handle any disputes within the facility. They are trained to tactfully deescalate hostile situations when they arise. They might also make hourly patrols to ensure doors are secured, no unwarranted personnel have gained access, and that there is no damage to the property of other assets of your organization. If there is, a detailed log is maintained to ensure all bases are covered with regard to your liability. A reception Security Officer observes and reports any irregularities throughout their shift, and promotes the overall safety of your business. If an incident takes place – violent, fire, medical, etc. – they are the first to respond. Many Security Officers are CPR certified and have experience communicating with fire or police forces.
  • Through decades of experience, we provide only the most qualified professionals to protect your organization. Whether it’s for normal business hours or overnight protection, our Security Officers offer support that suits your needs.

We recruit, train, and manage personnel to operate truck scales and other specialized access control technology. Our staff manages critical control points, ensure contracted workers are compliant with state and local laws, and utilize technical equipment that keeps your business and its assets protected.

  • Shoplifters and other thieves are indiscriminate against what type of business they take from; their end goal is to walk away with your valuable merchandise without paying for it. Employing a security program that monitors guests within your store can help to ensure the amount of missing inventory is kept as minimal as possible. Guarding registers, doors, and patrolling aisles are all effective ways to keep track of what guests are doing while roaming your store. Security Officers are also able to monitor security cameras to keep an eye on customers who think that they are not being watched.
  • Not only can untrustworthy guests be an issue, but also the employees and other staff within your organization. A report released in 2018 that tracked inventory-shrink statistics throughout 2017 showcased some alarming numbers; employee theft accounted for 33% of inventory shrink, whereas shoplifting sat barely higher at 36%. According to the report, nearly 1 in every 35 employees were apprehended for theft from their employer throughout 2017.
  • Our loss prevention Security Officers are trained to recognize small, otherwise insignificant, signals, signs, and body language that indicates when someone is attempting to steal or otherwise damage your business’s merchandise and assets. Their presence also deters some would-be criminals from attempting to steal in the first place. Our Security Officers also complete reports that outline any incidents that take place, and they communicate quickly with law enforcement in the event of an apprehended criminal. Trust us to deter illicit activity and ensure the upkeep of your inventory with a security solution that is uniquely tailored to your organization.

Our Security Officers employ industry best practices to protect your business’s most important personnel or assets. Whether the threat be potential or imminent, our high risk response officers are uniquely trained to address any situation. We enforce personal protection orders, guard vulnerable areas of property, and assist with conducting high-risk situations with people or equipment your organization works with.

  • One of the most traditional roles of a Security Officer is monitoring cameras from a remote location. With a proper system in place, our Security Officers are able to maintain constant watch over all areas of your organization. They operate physical security devices in place at your business such as access control or vehicle permits, and they document and record any instances of concern.
  • Surveillance, however, is not always done from a desk with a computer. Personally monitoring entrance/exit gates, observing signs of crime or disorder, taking detailed and accurate notes of unusual circumstances, and watching alarm systems or emergency equipment are all duties of our surveillance personnel. Our Security Officers also take on any additional roles that are requested by your business.
  • With over 40 years of experience, we hire only the most qualified personnel to keep watch over your organization. Detailed reports are provided, surveillance is consistently maintained, and any additional requests from you are fulfilled in their entirety. Considering employing surveillance personnel for your organization to guarantee the safety of your people and assets.
  • The number one concern when a strike takes place is ensuring the safety of everyone involved. This way, union officials and management relations are not damaged and business-as-usual can go on. Labor strikes are areas where an elevated level of emotions commonly take place. When large groups of people are upset, it is not difficult for the situation to turn violent towards other people or your organization’s physical assets. A security solution is almost always needed to ensure a non-confrontational strike takes place.
  • There have been numerous instances of violence during strikes throughout history, some even dating back to the 19th Violence in these situations is not always person-on-person; some events show this behavior against buildings, vehicles, and equipment that belong to the organization. Other records show instances of union-on-union violence. Regardless of the type of unlawful behavior, a security team in place can assist in ensuring these types of actions do not take place during a strike on your business.
  • Our security solutions have provided security for strikes and similar events for nearly 30 years. Allow us to be the face that separates the union workers and your organization’s management personnel. Deterring violence and encouraging meaningful discourse means both sides can reach an agreement effectively and without conflict.
  • Whether it’s a parade, company-wide gathering, or a number of other special events, our security teams provide an unparalleled service to keep everyone and everything involved safe. From political gatherings to marketing events, or from sport games to protests, employing a security team to keep everyone out of harm’s way is of the utmost importance. A security team provides the event organizers with confidence that their event is protected so they are able to focus on other areas of the experience. It also provides the guest with a sense of security so they are able to more carelessly enjoy the event.
  • Our security teams maintain their presence while being polite and personable with everyone in attendance. The Security Officers we employ are trained to react quickly and appropriately based on a variety of factors. We hire only the most qualified personnel who are equipped to handle emergency medical situations, communicate quickly with dispatch, and place the safety of guests before their own. Optimizing the event experience by providing a safe environment is the primary goal behind our security solutions.
  • A partnership with us means your event is protected by some of the best in the industry. We conduct a thorough risk assessment before the event to help determine areas of concern, and we implement access control gates where it is most applicable. Our teams also conduct patrols before and during the event, as well as after to ensure there is no outstanding damage to your assets. We work with you to determine and implement the appropriate security solution for your event.