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We are STT Security, and we’re among the premier security guard services in Lansing, Michigan. STT established business in Michigan 50+ years ago with a simple mission: to provide local businesses owners, properties, and property managers with professional security services that are personalized, responsive, and reliable. We are very proud that after several decades we carry on this tradition and serve communities in Lansing, Michigan, including Jackson, Lansing, and Battle Creek.

Our mission to protect extends to more than just places. We protect the people within these locations. Everything we do is for the safety and security of our clients and their interests. We are the best security guard company in Lansing, Michigan because we only recruit the most professional guards in the business and give them the tools and management they need to be successful. This way, you’re always going to have the most reliable and professional protection available. Our dedicated local management and supervision team boasts decades of tenure and experience working with our organization.  If not for the hard work and dedication of our team and our security guards service in Lansing, Michigan, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

Security guard services for hire in Lansing, Michigan are numerous, and they’re not all created equal. Few organizations can match the personal and professional approach afforded to STT Security Clients.  That’s why STT is here to find the best and outfit your business with the best. Violence, vandalism, theft and other undesirable security concerns are real, and they have to be addressed if you’re going to keep your business successful. We are here to help and to provide you with the security services that are necessary to keep your business running smoothly and your property safe. When you work with STT Security, you can know that we take your security needs seriously.

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Top Rated Security Guard Service in Michigan

When you contract with us for your security needs, you are not only contracting for an onsite security officer but for a personal partnership with leading security management professionals.

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Industry Custom Security Approach

Different industries have different security needs by necessity. STT has decades of experience serving nearly all industries including but not limited to: shopping centers, retail, healthcare, commercial offices, educational facilities, schools, entertainment venues and theaters, manufacturing facilities, hospitality and hotels, and many others. We understand the uniqueness of these industries needs and to build a successful security program within them.

A security guard or team who doesn’t understand the industry they were assigned to protect cannot offer the business the same value. That’s why we’ve taken great care to speak to industry professionals, engage in professional organizations for the industries we serve, and do our best to understand an industry and build industry specific programs to serve clients before we ever place a guard on the premises. We train our guards on the different industries they’ll be protecting and the protocol associated with the various needs and nuances. Our guards are well versed in the needs of the industries they’ve been assigned to, and they’re always ready to learn more to better protect your interests.

We work with the industries we serve, and not as an arm that doesn’t know what the body is doing. We’re a valuable addition to your team, providing security guard services in Lansing, Michigan to all kinds of businesses. No matter what you need or what kind of business you’re in, STT Security is here to help keep you safe and secure. We’re your partner, and we care about keeping you safe and providing the best value for your security investment.

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  • East Lansing
  • Haslett
  • Holt
  • Lansing
  • Leslie
  • Mason
  • Okemos
  • Onondaga
  • Stockbridge
  • Webberville
  • Williamston
  • Bellevue
  • Charlotte
  • Dimondale
  • Eaton Rapids
  • Grand Ledge
  • Lansing
  • Mulliken
  • Olivet
  • Potterville
  • Sunfield
  • Vermontville
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Shopping around? Don’t forget to ask these questions…

Invest the time now, so you don’t pay for it later. Each client has unique needs and requirements for their business; very few security services are of the same caliber and quality. Navigating the vast array of security service companies available is no simple task, and ultimately, finding a company that is a good fit for your needs takes vetting – which is essential. We highly recommend asking the following questions as you review potential vendors:

  • Have vendors visit and inspect job site to make professional recommendations for solutions. If a vendor can’t make time to come meet with you, it’s likely that that poor level of support will continue down the road.
  • As the client, specify (or work with the vendor) to set wages that match your business needs, culture, and security responsibilities for the positions needed.
  • Ask for a pricing structure that allows for wage transparency and detailed billing with employee wages included; this way, you can ensure your vendor is supplying the agreed upon wages. Lower wages generally reflect decreased quality services.
  • Does the vendor have proven experience in your specific industry?
  • Does this vendor have sufficient local management staff and infrastructure to support my specific needs?
  • Require at least 1 past and 1 current client reference, and take the time to speak with them about the vendor, their staff, management, and overall experience with the company.
  • Is the vendor licensed to provide security services in the state ? Ask for a copy of their up-to-date/current license or better yet, look it up online.
  • Is the vendor currently involved in any lawsuits?
  • Is the vendor in a stable financial position or being considered for acquisition?
  • How much liability insurance protection does the vendor provide, and will they name your business as a co-insured?

If your business is not asking these questions of potential security service vendors, your business will be left vulnerable to many undesirable outcomes – invest the time now so it doesn’t cost you later!

Is your business considering switching from/to an internally operated program? If so, consider this information: In-House versus Contracted Security.

What Our Employees and Clients Say About Us

I recently contracted the services of STT for a small festival in Michigan. The STT personnel were at all times friendly & courteous, well presented and worked extremely well with festival staff and attendees.
Cary Caldwell
Cary Caldwell
19:32 06 Sep 18
Very pleasant to work with. Staff did an excellent job at our event.
Lisa Connor
Lisa Connor
16:51 23 Mar 18
Wonderful company to work for. Professional at what they do, and wonderful employees to work with. I absolutely love my job with them and hope for many more opportunities.
Zac Cormican
Zac Cormican
02:09 18 Oct 17
STT Security began working for Dover Hills Apartments about 2 weeks ago and thus far, we are very satisfied! We appreciate the wonderful customer service, attention to detail, and the added security you provide to us and our residents. Keep up the great work!Ashley R. | DHA Manager
Ashley Raab
Ashley Raab
13:38 11 May 17
Good customer service. Friendly officers.
Jessica Singleton
Jessica Singleton
12:13 07 Jan 18
STT Hired me before I was even off of Active Duty. For the 4 months I've been with them now I've worked 2 sites in which the environment was great. Management recognized quality work immediately and I was offered more opportunities I quickly took advantage of. I've met most of the good folks that make the company grow and they would give you the coat off their back from my perspective.
Uncensored USA
Uncensored USA
15:35 11 Feb 20
STT returned my call within 15 min after I left a message at midnight when it was after hours for them.They provided excellent consult at no charge and stood by as I navigated a challenging situation. They continued to reach out the next day to be sure it was resolved. Very prompt and professional service. I would highly recommend STT!!
Deborah White
Deborah White
19:03 19 Nov 20
There awesome people to work with they care!!!!
Mike Leask
Mike Leask
18:02 10 Aug 21
Great company!High quality and professional service!You will want this organization to help you!
ronald ledford
ronald ledford
14:47 18 Aug 20
One of the most professional organizations I've ever worked with. Clearly client driven and passionate about the quality of service they provide. Even though they operate nationally, you always feel like you are working with someone local. Relief to see an organization that can balance tried and true practices while also incorporating the latest in training and procedures. Really can't say anything negative about my experience with STT Security and Investigative Services.
T.J. Pierce
T.J. Pierce
02:39 19 Jul 22
Worked here for a long time. The staff are attentive to each businesses needs for protection. STT is adaptable and stives to meet the safety needs in the Community. Can be a small location or huge stadium. Really great place to thrive.
Donna Husted Kriss
Donna Husted Kriss
13:03 31 Jul 22
I currently work for STT, and I do not have a single bad thing to say about the company. Good people, professional and reliable.
m b
m b
20:34 03 Jul 22
Polite and very helpful staff
Bryan Malone
Bryan Malone
20:27 09 Sep 21
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We leverage best practices from industry-leading professional organizations to assist us in providing the best possible service to our clients.

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