10-Year Anniversary: Jerry Leonard!

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Congratulations on 10 years of service, Jerry! Thank you for all you do! Jerry Leonard, a STT Security Supervisor, celebrated 10 years of service with STT this month. Below are some of his answers from a brief interview detailing his time spent working with our team. When did you start working for STT? I

First Criminal Jury Trial Since Onset of COVID-19 is a Success

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First Jury Trial in Michigan Since Onset of COVID-19 is a Success The first criminal trial with a jury took place this past Wednesday at the 57th Circuit Court; this is believed to be the first criminal jury trial held in the state of Michigan since the the Coronavirus pandemic began shutting businesses down almost

Employee Spotlight: Lance Billie

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STT Security Officer Stops Burglary in Progress Around 3:00am last Sunday, STT Security Officer Lance Billie was conducting his nightly patrols. When rounding the corner of a side entrance, Officer Billie heard "a strange 'pop' sound immediately followed by the sound of glass shattering." He quickly turned back around and raced towards the sound, shining

Former STT Security Supervisor Completes Police Academy with Firearms Proficiency Award

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To Protect and Serve A former STT Security Supervisor, Jessica Townsville, graduated from the Detroit Police Training Academy with a Firearms Proficiency award late last month. Officer Townsville and 40 others graduated the academy and are now part of the Detroit Police Department's class of 2019-I and 2020-A. Her dedication to keeping those around her

Employee Spotlight: Chuck Heiss

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Chuck Heiss is a former firefighter, police officer, and 5-time-elected sheriff who started working for STT back in July of this year. From Washington D.C. to Missouri and all the way to Michigan: Chuck Heiss! Tell me about yourself: I was originally born and raised in Washington D.C., but I started my law enforcement career

Employee Spotlight: Brittany Aikens

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This employee spotlight is for our Security Supervisor, Brittany Aikens out of Bay City, MI. Read her brief interview below: Where are you from? Bay City, MI. When did you begin working for STT? I began working for STT back in January of 2018. What drew you to security work? This is actually a fun

STT Security Services and Saginaw Valley American Society of Industrial Security Chapter Exposes Over 150 College Students to Security Industry Careers

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Chairman of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of The American Society of Industrial Security and CEO of STT Security Services, David Rusch, along with other and Local Saginaw Valley ASIS Chapter representatives, were very pleased at the overwhelming turnout students at Tuesday night’s ASIS  Security Career Awareness Program. The program was held at Delta College located

STT Honors “Significant Service Above & Beyond the Call of Duty” with STT President’s Award

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STT is very  proud to have presented the President's Award to Officer M. Armstrong earlier this week in Nashville, TN. STT's President's Award is presented to  Team Members who exhibit "Significant Service Above and Beyond the Normal Call of Duty". Earlier this year, Mario helped apprehend and disarm a shoplifter attempting to steal $10's of thousands of

STT Honors Employees

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Since inception in 1973, STT has honored employees with several types of service awards including; the SparkPlug Award, President's Award, and the STT Service/ Anniversary Award. STT Service/ Anniversary Award Program: After 10 years of service to the organization employees receive the commemorative signature ring (above) or pendant. For each 5 years of continued service

Meet STT! Mid-Michigan Job Fair August 8th

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Are you interested in joining our team as a Security Officer or Parking Attendant in the Mid-Michigan Area? No need for previous security experience - we have open positions for both Security and Parking personnel! Come meet us at the Mid-Michigan Job Fair on Wednesday August 8th, from Noon - 3PM. You will have an

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