Is bigger better? Mergers and acquisitions create new opportunities for mid-sized security providers.

Small and medium-size companies have many advantages over their larger counterparts, with core issues such as trust, accountability, a sense of family and community connectedness serving as customer-valued attributes in today’s marketplace. Larger businesses are often limited by their size, with change often mired in policy and protocol. In today’s economy, both large and small [...]

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Comparing Proprietary In-house Security to Contracted Security Services

What we have works...why should I consider? LET STT FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO BEST WHILE YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST There has been a shift in the thinking of many corporations when it comes to personnel-related support functions, Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms alike. This shift is to their “core competency” [...]

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Hiring Trained Security Guards to Operate Your Metal Detectors

Hiring Trained Security Guards for Your Metal Detectors What’s better, a Security Guard or a metal detector? No this is not Jeopardy, Price is Right, or any other game show. This is real life. When it comes to security and safety, we generally assume that people want the best there is and don’t want to [...]

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Security Patrol Service Vs. Dedicated On-Site Security Services – Albuquerque Apartment Security

Many apartment communities struggle with safety and security related issues. Especially in metro areas such as Albuquerque, New Mexico where STT Security Services has been established for over 15 years. "Security Service" is a very broad term and there is a big difference between the types of security services traditionally used in residential or community [...]

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Security Cameras Not Just Useful for Security Purposes

When most people think of CCTV systems they think of security cameras being used for general security, safety, loss prevention and crime observation uses. Most people have never considered the non-traditional uses of security cameras and how they can benefit from them. A simple cost-effective security camera system can be a great resource for a [...]

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Before Your Hire A Private Investigator -10 Questions with a STT Private Investigator Answered

Before hiring a private investigator consider the following informational interview with STT's Director of Investigative Services Jim Dominwoski. Jim has been with STT for over 30 years. Over the years Jim has been featured on the USA Network Television show Case Closed. Several of the cases Jim has worked have appeared on shows such as [...]

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STT Security Services and Saginaw Valley American Society of Industrial Security Chapter Exposes Over 150 College Students to Security Industry Careers

Chairman of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of The American Society of Industrial Security and CEO of STT Security Services, David Rusch, along with other and Local Saginaw Valley ASIS Chapter representatives, were very pleased at the overwhelming turnout students at Tuesday night’s ASIS  Security Career Awareness Program. The program was held at Delta College located [...]

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