STT Security Officers Esther Martinez and Dexter Hernandez both played significant roles in the arrests of three people. Our officers’ constant vigilance led to their apprehension on two separate occasions.

On Wednesday, October 21st, STT Security Officer Esther Martinez received a call regarding a homeless man at a nearby business. After she arrived, the man was walking towards the drive-thru of another business holding a metal rod of some sort. Officer Martinez requested that the man leave the premises, but when he refused, she radioed for police. Shortly after the call was made, the man attempted to flee the property, but he was quickly caught by arriving Union City Police Department officers.

After arresting the individual, the responding police officers found out the man was on probation and had numerous active warrants out for his arrest. Police officers searched the man and found a concealed knife along with a used drug-pipe; he was taken into custody.

On another occasion, STT Security Officer Dexter Hernandez responded to reports of a transient individual harassing nearby businesses. The man was bothering customers of the business inside as well as walking through the drive-thru. Restaurant staff asked him to leave multiple times, but the man refused. The man then approached the drive-thru and grabbed an employee through the window. When Officer Hernandez made his presence known, the man fled the scene immediately.

Responding police officers conducted an area sweep and found the man who ended up having a felony warrant. He was arrested and taken into police custody.

Not much later in the same day, Officer Hernandez noticed a suspicious man in a nearby hotel parking lot attempting to gain access to a vehicle without a key. Officer Hernandez notified the UCPD who quickly responded to the location. This turned out to be a false-alarm, since police confirmed the man had locked himself out of his vehicle. However, the UCPD conducted a search and learned that this man, too, had a felony warrant for his arrest. A further inspection of his vehicle turned up a considerable amount of methamphetamine.

The Union City Police Department made a point to reach out to Officer Hernandez’s supervisor to recognize him for his vigilance.