STT Security Officer Stops Burglary in Progress

Around 3:00am last Sunday, STT Security Officer Lance Billie was conducting his nightly patrols. When rounding the corner of a side entrance, Officer Billie heard “a strange ‘pop’ sound immediately followed by the sound of glass shattering.” He quickly turned back around and raced towards the sound, shining his flashlight towards the area as he approached. A set of tail lights lit up and quickly sped away. Officer Billie took notice of the make and model of the vehicle and immediately followed his chain of command to report the break-in. After inspecting the vehicle, it was apparent that a refrigerant was used to shatter the windows due to the “shards still popping apart.”

Burglary and theft are not uncommon in the area. The state this incident took place in had a reported 16,088 instances of burglary last year. The likelihood of being a victim of property crime in the area is 1 in 29. The presence of a security service irrefutably contributes to safer communities; this was clearly demonstrated by Officer Billie’s vigilance and attentiveness to his surroundings.¬† Thanks to him, no items were stolen, and the only damage was to a single vehicle’s back window. Without Officer Billie’s rapid response, it is likely the remaining cars in the parking lot would have been broken into as well, resulting in more damages and stolen property.

STT Security would like to extend a grateful thank you to Officer Billie for responsibly handling the situation. Not only was he actively vigilant, but he effectively followed the expected protocol for an incident of this nature. This is a textbook example of what an active security presence can do to protect and serve the surrounding communities.