Healthcare Security Programs

STT Security Services recognizes that providing healthcare security is a unique challenge that requires training and adaptability to implement successfully. It is our mission meet that challenge with comprehensive training, customized program development and the highest standards in customer service.

Recognizing the Rising Need for Healthcare Security

“You need well-trained, educated, competent and committed security staff — really professional people who understand the complexities and nuances of healthcare.”

Bonnie Michelman, Director of Police, Security and Outside Services at Massachusetts General Hospital

The need for Healthcare Security becomes clear when you examine the rise in healthcare related violence. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that the rate of hospital employees intentionally injured on the job at the hands of another person is significantly higher than the rate across all private industries. The most recent data shows 4 times the cases of injuries for full-time hospital workers, versus cases for all private industries. Further, according to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration guide on addressing violence in hospitals, 70 to 74 percent of workplace assaults in a two year period happened in health care settings. STT Security Services Healthcare Division was developed with the express purpose of meeting this rising need.

Customized Healthcare Security Programs

Our healthcare security programs are designed to work around the needs of our healthcare clients, striking that necessary balance between keeping people and facilities safe without hindering accessibility. Our experience in healthcare specific security  allows us to design a program that will meet your specific needs while truly integrating with

Healthcare Security Professionals

Meeting the needs of a health care facility requires more than a standard uniformed officer. It requires a healthcare security professional. STT’s health care officers are certified through the International Association of Hospital Safety and Security in addition to our own comprehensive security training through STT University. STT also utilizes in-house Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Certified instructors to ensure our officers are trained with best-practice de-escalation skills and safe physical intervention methods.

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STT had its beginnings in 1973 when founded by Dave Rusch, former Police Officer. Dave left the public sector to fill what he felt was a lack of available quality services  in the areas of: security, investigative, and business loss-prevention services.

In its infancy, STT’s core was comprised of private investigative and loss-prevention services. Due to strong reputation of integrity and professionalism STT”s service offerings quickly expanded to include uniform security and inventory auditing services.

Since that time STT has grown into a national organization with multiple divisions catering to various types of clients throughout the United States.  Despite major growth the company has always held on to the ideals and goals set forth from day one -build and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships. Each and every service offered by STT is personal and handled with professionalism. Dave is still actively involved in the business and works directly with his corporate staff, managers and clients on a daily basis.

More Than Just Security

STT Security provides high quality security services for healthcare facilities as well as variety of high value additional services. Our officers can provide support and service for:

  • Mental health and drug or alcohol-related patient situations
  • Management of aggressive behavior
  • Entrance/exit control, protection and contraband detection
  • Patrolling
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Customer and Staff Escort
  • Courier Services
  • Customer Assistance/directions
  • Regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, EMTALA, CMS, TJC, DNV & NFPA
  • Morgue escort services
  • Fire Safety
  • Vendor Verification
  • Secure Material Receiving
  • Workplace Violence Prevention/Education
  • Visitor Control
  • Incident Management
  • Parking Policy Enforcement
  • Environment of Care monitoring
  • Safety Conditions Monitoring
  • Lost and found
  • Patient Valuables
  • Drill development and Execution for: Active Shooter, Bomb Threat
  • Code Adam (Child Missing)
  • Weather Conditions Monitoring and Response
  • New Employee Security Orientation

Why Choose STT Security Services?

Better People. Better Service.

We work with you to ensure our staff’s compensation and benefits match your businesses’ culture, needs and overall goals. In doing so, we create attractive positions which retain dedicated staff longer. Our management teams are here to support you the client and our staff from day-one on.

Personal Support. Personal Service.

When there’s a client or employee concern, we resolve it quickly. All levels of our management team can be reached anytime.

Experience. Trust.

We’ve been in business under private ownership and management for over 42 years serving clients coast-to-coast. Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses alike from industries of all types trust STT to deliver customized, cost-effective security solutions.

Technology. Information.

We implement proprietary and other technology solutions to help track, record and analyze the value we provide your business. We provide you with this information so you can make more informed business decisions.

Security Personnel Solutions

– Unarmed Uniform Officers
– Armed Uniform Officers
– Undercover/ Executive Protection (Body Guarding)
– Mobile Security Solutions
– Security Consulting and Surveys

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