Comparing Proprietary In-house Security to Contracted Security Services

What we have works...why should I consider? LET STT FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO BEST WHILE YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST There has been a shift in the thinking of many corporations when it comes to personnel-related support functions, Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms alike. This shift is to their “core competency” [...]

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping during the holiday season can present unique Safety and Security concerns. Taking a few prevention measures can help keep your holiday season joyous. The holiday season is a time when busy people can become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. The following tips from the Los Angeles Police Department Crime Prevention Section [...]

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Workplace Violence, Threats, or Employee Terminations Issues?

Almost every business will experience some type of Workplace Violence, Threat, or ugly Employee Termination from time to time. Your business should have policies and procedures in place for dealing with such- including conducting Threat Assessments. If a threat has been made in your workplace, or an employee is being discharged who is likely to [...]

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10 Personal Safety Tips for a Safe and Fun Event

Heading out to that festival, game, or concert this weekend? Take a moment to plan ahead! Making it home safe is rarely a product of sheer luck. Attending any crowded event obviously carries some level of risk. So what can you do to be more prepared and make sure you and yours get home safe [...]

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